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-Shaily of Youth Resource

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Hello current and future activisits!

This weekend, I was blessed to be picked for GLSEN’s (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) Safe Schools Advocacy Summit. Our goal this trip was to successfully lobby congress for 2 bills that will dramatically shift the politics that surround bullying. I know that lobbying congress today has already made a difference moving this bill through the legislative branch. As a peer educator, I know high school can be tough and making a difference may not seem on your horizon. The truth is that every …

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I thought this was funny and informative

-Shaily of Youth Resource

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Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: I am using queer as an overarching term for the LGBTQ etc. Spectrum

This past weekend was the start of The Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference on LGBT Equality.

Youth Resource (I’m in sequins)

This was my first time going to a national queer conference. I have been attending the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference since 2010 but never a conference as large as Creating Change.

I was not sure what to expect from a national queer conference. I was …

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Please come to the first ever LGBTQ Youth Game night hosted by Links North Shore Youth Health Service and Youth Resource! This will be on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 at 4:30 @ 1779 Maple Street, Northfield, IL 60093

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/258736344188369/

You must be an LGBT or Questioning youth in high school grades 9-12 to attend.

We will be playing all sorts of fun games that we grew up with. We will play games like apples to apples, pictionary, operation, etc. You will make new friends with other …

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This idea is often what the “GLBTQAAIP ect. queer community” has pondered over and believed in for years. But to my surprize, I didn’t know there was actual scientific proof for this phenomenon.

Kurt, a gay student, gets kissed by the homphobic football player.

The study cited in this article is about how men, homophobic and none homophobic, react to homosexual stimuli. The study found that the group of homophobic individuals had an increased penile circumference then the none homophobic group to these photos. Thus, the proof is in …

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The two major identities that stick out for me are my Jewish and Queer identities. Anytime I see or read something about the intersectionality between the two, I get extra emotional.
This week was the first ever orthodox ordained gay wedding.

In the Torah, we do have that line that says a man shall not lie with another man. In the reform, reconstructionalist, and conservative movements, these sorts of unions have become more popular. But, for a long time, the orthodox group would not hold these unions due to …

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The article tells about 2 trans-students conflict in using their bathroom of choice. 1 of the students was nearly expelled for using a bathroom that may not have lined up with her biology.



Slowly schools are trying to incorporate a more LGBT positive message. Unfortunately, the message has not reached far enough to help trans-youth.

At my university, each dorm has a gender neutral restroom specifically for this reason. A trans-student can use one of these restrooms free from judgment. And besides, who doesn’t mind a single …

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Hello Everyone!

I am a new member of Youth Resource!

I had a great time at the Urban Retreat in DC and I am pumped to be working with my peers and the rest of the advocates staff.

Don’t ever be scared to SHINE!