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Andy is Nigeria guy that has been living and schooling with his older sister for the past 15 months. Andy is in a relationship with his landlord’s daughter. Andy decides to be the chef in the house because his sister who is a banker always comes back home late from work, his sister is very grateful to him for saving her from the stress of doing more work, because she comes back home everyday to a good meal already served.

Unfortunately for her, Andy has his own “evil” intention. She realizes her period is 3 months late, and she goes for a pregnancy test and discovers to her dismay that she is 13 weeks pregnant and she doesn’t have a clue how it all happened.

One faithful day her colleague at work followed her home after work and as usual food was ready, she served her the food and didn’t have any left to eat. After her colleague’s departure she goes to sleep. Andy thought his sister ate the food and as usual started romancing her, when he undressed her and himself, she suddenly woke up and started shouting on top of her voice her voice. Her neighbors’ came to her aid just to discover them naked. She explains the whole scenario to them, and the neighbors call the police and got Andy arrested. Andy explains that he drugs his sister’s food daily just to have sex with her for the past 8 months.

As if this isn’t enough drama for Andy, the landlord’s daughter comes to tell him she is pregnant for him. Andy’s sister decides to go for an abortion, but is told that the procedure would be detrimental to her health, and she might lose her life if she proceeds with the option.

What decision would you make concerning yourself and your brother if in this situation?

Categories: Sexual Violence
  • Frank

    what a freak.high rate of inhuman statues.he should be reasonably, properly dealt with, all forces of arm wood, stone,stick rod.he should live in pain till when he realizes his wrongs and seek for repentance.

    • slimloveth

      will his repentance bring life back the way it was?

  • christiana

    what is that he should be flogged in public,pay pay a fine in favor of both women

    • slimloveth

      wow i don’t think that will work, cause that wont change the harm he had cause