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Have you ever asked yourself why?

Why do we do the things we  do? Is it because we don’t want to be left out? Is it because we’re trying to live the life of someone else? Are we afraid to be ourselves? Is conforming to the norm the new trend?

If everyone acts different wouldn’t that make us all the same?…

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So the other day I was having a conversation with my one of my mother’s friends, and I asked her did she learn about Sex Ed in school or from her family or word of mouth? She she said she didn’t know anything about sex education until she was 21. So I asked why so late? how come she didn’t know earlier? Her answer to my question was, “what do you mean so late?, in my opinion, you are  too young to know anything about sex!”

At that point …

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Not many can say they were able to lobby on Capitol Hill, and speak to their State Senators and Representatives, but I am one of few that can share my experience. The night before departing for my flight to Washington, I spent the entire night packing, and unpacking my suitcase. Since I never traveled to Washington before, I didn’t know what kind of weather I would be encountering. So I decided to pack a little of every weather attire, just to be safe. As I sat in the airport …