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Not everyone is comfortable with discussing sex and sexuality with their parents, children or younger siblings. The way to push it under the rug if someone asked about it was to respond by saying “you’re too young to understand” or “we’ll talk about it when you’re older” and these comments only make you want to know more. Compared to the media before, sex is everywhere now and used to sell almost everything, so it should not be a wonder why children want to learn more about sex at earlier ages.

Let’s Talk Month is a national public education campaign that takes place during the month of October. Several organizations focus attention on encouraging parents to talk with their children about sex and sexuality. It creates an opportunity for everyone, including schools, businesses, parents, and health educators to have programs and activities to encourage communication between parents and children about sex and sexuality. The topic of sex and sexuality can be a hard and uncomfortable topic for both parents and children. This campaign has created some tips, messages and things the parent can do to make this conversation easier because parents are believed to be the primary educators to youth. A goal of this campaign is to help ease the discomfort.

 Although the month of October has wrapped up and is came to a close, it is still important because the talk about sex and sexuality will continue. It’s always important to remember that each person is different in their own way, all of us are growing and changing throughout our lifetimes and that sexuality is beautiful, not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

For more about “Let’s Talk Month” check out this website.

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