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Most would probably assume that sexual dysfunction usually has the face of an old man. Viagra and enhancers flow through my mind when I hear the term. However, it’s not just a concern for an older man. Sitting in a Women’s Health class a fellow classmate shared her experience with it. I am by no means an expert, but I’d just like to share some basic information to get you started.

Female sexual dysfunction is more common than most people would expect. Most women experience some form of it at some point in their lives.  Some types of dysfunction can vary but may include pain with intercourse (called dyspareunia) or lack of reaching orgasm (anorgasmia).  Some people may be ashamed or embarrassed if they experience problems like these so they typically do not seek help.

MOST of the problems that occur can be treated and once people seek help, they can lead normal, healthy sex lives so don’t be shy! Enjoying sex is apart of being a human but always remember to practice SAFE SEX when engaging in any type of sexual activity, because SAFE SEX IS THE BEST SEX.

For more information, including causes, symptoms and ways to talk to your health care provider check out Women’s Sexual Dysfunction or FAQ for Your Sexual Health.


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