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There are many types of relationships. As humans, most of us spend our lives trying to find that one to make us happy. Open relationships aren’t any different and much of the time receives scrutiny to those not involved. It is important for everyone to be satisfied with their sex lives and be able to enjoy their relationships judgment free. However, with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, sexual health in an open relationship should be a concern.

While every relationship will have different boundaries and concerns, sex is an important topic that needs to be discussed between the two in the relationship. If sex with others is acceptable in your relationship, it is important that safe sex is being practiced and maintained. It is also important that the couple practicing this type of relationship be sure to get tested regularly to avoid transmission of STDs between partners.

SAFE SEX is the best sex and should always be practiced no matter the type of relationship – even in monogamous relationships. To avoid unintended pregnancies, a fabulous method of birth control can be used in addition to a condom.

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