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Now that the rush of the holiday season is over and we are entering the New Year, the thoughts of new resolutions are in the air. If you have not done so already, now would be a great time to think about New Year resolutions and what you plan to do differently in the new year. Safe sex practices should be one of the items on your list!

If you or your partner are already on a fabulous method of hormonal birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies that is great! However, you have to remember that hormonal methods of birth control ONLY protect against unintended pregnancies, and NOT against STIs, including HIV. So pairing hormonal methods of birth control with a great barrier method will provide the greatest protection! So as the New Year starts, deciding to use both methods with your partner and promoting for your friends to do the same, will allow for you to take easy steps to staying healthy in the new year!

As always, remember safe sex is the best sex and good luck to accomplishing all your goals for the New Year!

Categories: Safer Sex