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In 1988, South Carolina was ahead of the curve in adopting a mandate for health education, which included a reproductive health component. A new report suggests, however, that 25-years later many school districts aren’t following the mandate and students are still not getting the education they should.

Entering the year 2013, we have to wonder why this continues when we have such high teen pregnancy rates. As young adults with a passion for sexual health we have to think about innovative and accurate ways to inform the youth. Even if you do not consider yourself a sexual health warrior, you still need accurate and reliable information for your own health. If school districts are not getting students the information they need, can you imagine the places students go to find answers? Scary thought. So whether that means finding accurate sites, speaking with your health care providers and encouraging safe sexual practices to your friends we can start somewhere. If you build up enough courage, you can reach out to senators, write blogs or even join sexual health initiatives that promote HIV prevention and birth control access – like the SC Contraceptive Access Campaign. So no matter where you start, just start and most importantly promote condom use EACH and EVERY time you have sex. We can’t save the world if we aren’t safe!

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