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Too often we will pass judgment upon a person without knowing one detail of their truth.  I find this fact to be rather sad and upsetting. For us, to be judged is the worst possible thing that could happen from a stranger. We usually get offended, thinking thoughts like, “How dare they!” OR “They don’t know a thing about me, who are they to judge!?”

To be fair, people’s opinions shouldn’t matter enough to affect how anyone lives their life. But still, I have found that passing false judgments can usually cost a person valuable opportunities or even possible relationships. It’s interesting how, majority of the time people’s assumptions of someone are never like the how the person is in a real life setting.

I’ll catch myself slipping every now and then, using those same stereotypes we all have been conditioned to believe, but then I’ll stop and say to myself “Innocent until proven guilty.” I hope that I am not the only one paying mind to my own false prejudice. If we all paid mind of our thoughts and assumptions, maybe equality could have a bigger meaning.

After all, change begins with you.