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“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” 

            It is without a doubt that most males and females who are sexually active are aware of putting on a male condom. The famous line “pinch, leave an inch and roll” makes it easy for one to almost 100% effectively put on a male condom. However, when it comes on to using a female condom, I’m sure most people are clueless. No worries! I am here to educate you on how to use a female condom properly.

First tear the package using your hand at the notch at the top of the package. Never use a scissors, knife or any other sharp object to open a condom package. This is to prevent damage to the condom itself.  The female condom has an outer ring and an inner ring. The outer ring is at the top and is used to cover the outer region on the vagina. The inner ring is at the bottom and used for insertion and to hold the condom in place during intercourse. After, grasp the inner ring of the condom with two fingers until it becomes long and narrow. Choose a comfortable position for inserting the condom and slowly place the end with the inner circle into your vagina until it feels in place. Then place your index finger in the condom to ensure it is not twisted and positioned as far up as possible. After doing these steps, the female condom is ready to be used.

The steps to inserting a female condom may seem long and tedious compared to just using a male condom. However, one should never put a limit on their safety. Two minutes of inserting a condom cannot be compared to a lifetime of problems. Plus, everyone knows safe sex is the best sex!


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