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Although a rare occurrence, there are some problems that may happen when using a condom. One of these problems is the condom getting stuck inside the vagina after pulling out. It will cause some degree of panic within the moment, however, there is nothing to worry about. There are three ways of safely removing the condom from inside the vagina.

The cause of the condom being stuck could be due to the tip of the condom being lodged at the top of the vagina near the cervix, causing the condom to slip off. However, if you lie down on your back and insert one or two fingers and feel around, the condom can be easily removed. Ensure though, that your nails or your partner’s nails are short and smooth to prevent scratching the inside of the vagina. If this method does not work, squatting and then feeling around for the condom with one or two fingers could better assist in getting the condom out.

If these two methods do not work it is advised that you visit your gynecologist or the nearest emergency room as soon as possible. A condom should not be left inside you for more than a couple hours due to the rapid increase in bacterial growth inside the vagina. This could ultimately lead to serious infections and complications. Also, it should be noted that a condom that is stuck inside the vagina could be carrying semen or your partner has ejaculated inside of you. This means that necessary precautionary measures should be taken to prevent pregnancy if this is ever to happen to you. The best step is to visit a pharmacy, explain the situation and buy some form of over the counter emergency contraception.


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