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At the beginning of the school year, I and the members of my group, Students United for Reproductive Freedom, started brainstorming how we could get free condoms and information about safe sex to students who live in residence halls. The residence halls at Portland State have few common areas–not many lounges, no shared bathrooms. We would need approval from Res Life to post things on walls or to work with RAs, and we did not want to deal with that much bureaucracy. Finally, it occured to us. People could put whatever they wanted on their doors. Why not, instead of favorite comic strips, a display about safe sex, with free materials and condoms? Perhaps a rotating theme? Maybe some construction paper and glitter glue?

We started publicizing our project and recruiting safe sex representatives willing to put displays on their doors. At this point six residence hall floors have safe sex representatives, and we hope for many more next year.

Along with a monthly theme and free condoms (courtesy of The Great American Condom Campaign), displays always have materials about emergency contraception and free stickers. Past themes have included emergency contraception, how to use condoms properly and consent.