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After spending four spectacular days with amazing people at the Urban Retreat in Washington D.C. I was a bit depressed to return to the real world. My first civilian encounter when was with a homophobic man who shied away from me while I flaunted my Oakland crown. A real shock came to me when my own barber of 8 years shared his views on Gay marriage and sexuality as well as having a female president. I was astonished to see that someone who I believed to be so reasonable and wise could have such backwards and disgusting views on these topics. However the occurrence that pushed me over the edge happened during the school day whenI saw a flaming queen crying after being bullied. I immediately ran over to him and consoled him assuring him that change was soon to come and that we could bring this change together. The Urban Retreat showed me that are people out there who support individual happiness but I also realized that we have a lot of work to do. Hang in there advocates, we’ll make a difference.

  • feminista

    I love your crown! great post =D