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Brittany Prince

Sex Education in Manning, SC: some experience it while others do not. The first time I had a conversation about sex education from a school official was in junior high.  Only a selected group of girls would get pulled out from class to discuss the issue at hand. She discussed STI’s and used scare tactics to prevent us from having sex. I still have the visuals in my mind of what chlamydia looks like. Those pictures however were over exaggerated. All STI’s do not look that. In fact one may not show any signs. And what if someone saw those signs? I do not remember ever discussing where one should go. I do not remember her telling us if we become sexually active to get tested. All I really remember is just do not have sex so you will not get STI’s or become pregnant. Although abstinence is the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy and STI’s, teenagers do not practice this way.

When I got to the high school it was required that gym class taught sex education for 1 week. The parents however had to sign a permission slip. Some parents did not want their children learning about the subject and did not sign it while other parents signed the permission slip. For many of the students in the class it was their first time having the proper education about sex. This is absurd saying the class ranged from 9th-12th grade. Most of the teenagers had already had their first encounter with sex. My gym teacher did a great job explaining it however. She showed us how to put on a male condom and female condom. She discussed birth control and the different types. STI’s were discussed but she did not encourage us to get tested. We even saw a video of a woman giving birth.

I felt my school tried to get the message across however it was to late. I felt we should have started having the talk in 5th grade. Some of my classmates were getting pregnant in junior high. Timing plays a major role in sex education. Also the course could have been longer than a week. I am just very blessed to have gotten the education in time and did not become a statistic.

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