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Jasmine Stewart 2

My high school sex education lacked talking about relationships and sexuality, but made sure to show visuals of warts, herpes, and gonorrhea. It was like a horror movie and it gave me nightmares as if I was a little kid that believed in the boogie man. The problem was I liked the boogie man, that we can rename sex, and I didn’t know how to necessarily prevent attracting stds as a lesbian female who didn’t partake in heterosexual intercourse. They told us to wrap it up, but I had no idea how to wrap it up being a female who had sex with females. Also, I was told AIDS was most associated with gay men, which we all know that is statistically proven to be wrong. Regardless of not knowing how to deal with my sexual orientation, I believe we can all relate to the fact that even with the horror stories we hear about the boogie man, it doesn’t stop us from getting our boogie on with our favorite person or people. That is why it is important to not only talk about the consequences of sex, but to talk about all the options we have with preventing these consequences, and to understand what sex is from all social aspects. Let’s stay inclusive, and not be bias. Lets learn how to communicate about sex and our relationships.

Categories: Sex Education