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The issue might not be that familiar for few people, but I must admit it. Have not thought ever that i would write someday like this. I myself am a “Transgender”. After listening to this word,mostly lots of people gets confused whats on earth is this thing!! Some of they even think do this thing even exist?? Yes it happens, and I have faced it for several times. People in this world talk about the love,respect,kindness and so on!! They even can think far from the human beings,for animals and other creatures. But what’s near you is not bearable,its unnatural.

The world has been more modernized and new technologies had been introduced,a human being had stepped to another planet. But the people have still same perception and ancient thoughts. Here we talk about the HEALTH,EDUCATION, NUTRITION & RIGHTS even on against of discrimination and stigma towards human being,but still I m lost for my identity. I may get all necessity for my living but if i don’t have an identity,its not worth it. People deny us accepting for the society,they scared of us,they feel we r unnatural. Why so discrimination towards us ??? we r the human being too but why are we not treated as human.Its not like they dont know about us,but they are ignoring us. Is it that criminal to be different. The person, gave you birth thinks  your sin. Just because your different don’t mean you’re abnormal.

Lets not be judgmental, lets try to accept the person as they are!! Before we talk about the kindness,dignity and determination lets also think are we really doing this!! We even EXIST to the world community and society. Please have an eye on us too. Because if i m unseen and unnoticed I m living dead,which i m not dummy with breath!!! -_-

Categories: Transgender Issues