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I was dispirited by hearing the sharing; sorts and level of harassment faced by others. In a word, I was “inarticulate”. Thirty young mind under the roof of blue sky. Smiting own self with an issue of harassment.
This was the situation I perceived afore the event got breakthrough. Youth Activists Leadership Council(YALC) and YUWA were all set to give an outset to   “Khula Aakash” i.e. Khula Aakash is that platform where youth from diverse fields come together to share their thoughts, experiences and stories concerning the topic. The topic can be anything as long as it regards the being of youth all over. This setting currently workout with issues of SRHR, women right, empowerment, and gender based violence (GBV) and many more radiating issuance in the days to come.
Mr. Kanchan Kharel General Secretary of YUWA gave the breakthrough to the silence by the short introduction of the YUWA and clarifying the objective of Khula Akash. Mr. Kharel then agitated the discussion by stating that today the open sky is ready to discuss openly on the topic of Harassment referring that it was the 5th day of International Anti-Street Harassment week. After that the event proceeded with the sharing of any sorts of harassment faced by the individual in their lifetime.   More than 90% of the participants were the female and they started to share their suffering that led me to remain aback and silent.
The world is on transition similar is in the Nepal, urbanization, modernization and busy life had gazed the urban areas naming the capital city Kathmandu as well. Most of the populace of the city is following the same track resisting the busy world rush. Today After hearing others I came to conclude that some of individual make themselves busy in abusing and harassing others and taking it as fun or their joy while others are striving for their livelihood and future.
The    way a girl faces numbers of physical, psychological and sexual violence from her early childhood and most of abuser being a male. A girl is insecure from her safest place home to every public places. She had to face the problem like battering, teasing, intimidation and many more. The main thing that amazed me to this point is the level of suffering that a female had to bear in the public transportation. Although, I myself also traveling through the same places and similar crowd. Probably being a male in this male dominated society and being counted in the male domain, I was unaware about such pains of women and girls and conditions of being helplessness in the public places. Attributed by the crowd of public transport system many women and girls have been facing the problem of touching, rubbing the body of a female making her to feel the extreme level of distress.  Lack of proper legal protection by state of women and girls vulnerability, inefficient practice and implementation of limited provision on Gender Based Violence and gaps in level of awareness among the society to speak out against violence, injustice and exploitation had appended the problem to stand being deep rooted in Nepalese scenario.
The first  and foremost to be done to end the harassment  is to discuss openly on these issue share the experiences and get insight as well the learning from others sufferings to be prepared so as to avoid it on own life. So it’s all the point of inception from an individual being aware, loyal and sincere to stand against all sorts of violence.
We do shout out for own and let’s speak out for others as well to end all types of harassment. I stance as well expect you to be on my side.

  • kanchan kharel

    well articulated, keep it up