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This past weekend I expressed my anger over the passage of the Stupak amendment.  Now the Pro-Choice movement is organizing to, as the President wants, preserve the “status quo” or as some of the Pro-Choice movement call it, fight for  “middle-class” women’s right to abortion.

Yep, they went there.

In my world, which is apparently an ideal world, feminists are united to protect all women’s right to access abortion services.  Now, apparently, we have some type of advantage in our work because the “middle-class,” aka white women with a …

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How dare you use the health care debate, a debate that affects women the most (Yes, I said it. Do I need to even start discussing pre-existing conditions and how much more we pay for receiving less care?), to take away our right to abortion.

It may seem to you, (the simpleminded I guess?) that because we have the right to abortion via Roe v. Wade that we actually are always able to access it. Wrong. If you can’t afford an abortion, you can’t access an abortion.  It’s really …

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I first heard about this via Facebook from the National Equality March’s status update. It was followed by the question “Now will he accept Cleve’s invite to attend our rally or go play golf?”

Good question.

The HRC, as well known as it is, is not without its problems. I volunteered for the HRC’s National Dinner back in 2004 when I was in college and was shocked to find such a homogenous group working for the organization and attending the event. Not that there is anything wrong with wealthy, …

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Yesterday I attended a hearing on Capital Hill about the unemployment crisis amongst young people. Yes, the country as a whole is in a crisis.   Roughly 9.8% of Americans are unemployed, but like with any disparity, we must address the fact that young Americans are unemployed at a rate nearly double the rest of the population. 18.5% of young people are unemployed…hence the need for the hearing.
The witnesses did a great job outlining the problem and Matt Segal, a national co-chair for 80 Million Strong for Young American …

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For too long, Lou Dobbs has been using CNN as a platform to spread hate and discrimination. Whether targeting the Latino community or the President, skewing facts or stating flat out lies, it’s time for him to go. Tell advertisers to stop spending their money on spreading hate (and giving racist and discriminatory organizations like the Minute Men a platform).  Go to www.dropdobbs.com for more info. 

People like Lou Dobbs (in my opinion) are why we can’t have debates based on facts in this country, which is cleary why …

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“I’m sexy enough…to keep you waiting” is the new slogan of the Candie’s Foundation/Seventeen Magazine gear to combat teen pregnancy. 

I am so pissed that my anger is coming from multiple directions.  Let me see if I can make any kind of sense.

First, nothing like throwing the word sexy all over the chests of teenage girls…

Then of course there is sexy/virgin complex that we keep pushing as a society.  I could go into it more, but Jessica Valenti does a much better job.

And I’m going …

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I’m still processing…What do YOU think??…

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Because it’s the right thing to do.
Don’t you wish it were that easy? There are rights and wrongs and here we have a right to a wrong.
The DREAM Act (or Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) of 2009 is a bill that would allow young people who entered the country illegally a path to citizenship (keep in mind that this illegal act is often times a decision of parents). The nuts and bolts are this simple. There are four requirements. You must:
  • enter the country

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For the past few months, service has become the new “it” word.  The president called for a national day of service on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and more recently the GIVE and SERVE Acts passed with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.  The purpose of these bills focuses on increasing the number of Americans involved in service activities through programs like Americorps.  The President even reiterated his support during his Saturday morning weekly address.

In the big picture, this is great. As …

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The UK Department of Health recently launched an initiative to encourage women in their late teens and early 20s to carry condoms. It’s s a cool idea, but there are some concerns.

The initiative entitled “Condom confidence boosts sex appeal” has language like “men like nothing better than a woman who knows what she wants.”

Wait. What? I should carry around condoms to feel sexy? And I’ll feel sexy because men like women who carry around condoms? 

I’m sorry. I don’t do sexy for men. I do sexy for me. 

This initiative, while

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Okay, I have some thoughts I’d like to share about the Chris Brown-Rihanna situation and I’m really curious about your thoughts.  

To be clear, what Brown did to Rihanna was horrible and inexcusable.  I am sick to my stomach every time I hear the details about what happened that night and the photos are heart breaking.

But I am worried about the direction of the conversation, and in particular as it is related to Chris Brown.

Chris Brown was born in 1989.  He is 19 years old.  He is …

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As many have heard (or at least I hope you have, I mean really, do you live in a hole?), Chris Brown is being investigated for beating the crap out of his girlfriend Rihanna early on Sunday. While Rihanna has not specifically been identified as the victim, news agencies and the blogosphere have clearly identified Rihanna as the woman police say, "suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.” 
I, like many, was completely shocked when I heard what happened. I was looking forward to their performances at