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Well, they’re here! All 500 condoms from the Great American Condom campaign have officially landed at my doorstep, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this. Already I’m beginning to see the benefits of it.

When I walked into the house with my huge box of condoms, my father asked what it was. Let me tell you, informing your father that you just received a box of 500 condoms is quite an experience. He laughed and told me he was proud of me, though. So that’s cool. The first condoms I distributed went to my cutie pie 16 (almost 17!) year old little brother, and I’m planning on giving 10 more to a classmate of his who is sexually active but afraid to tell her parents or buy condoms herself.

In case anyone is wondering, my box contained several hundred Trojan Ecstasy “Her Pleasure” and another couple hundred Trojan Magnums, with the last hundred or so being fire and ice. Has anyone tried these? I’m not sure how I feel about having fire and/or ice near my ladyparts.

Before I turn in for the night, I have a question for you, my fellow bloggers. Do you try to carry a condom with you at all times? What do you think of someone who decides to carry a condom with them at all times?

The condoms!!