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In the report titled United Nations Millennium Project titled, “Population, Reproductive Health and the Millennium Development Goals”, I read, like I’ve been doing so for the past 5 years that in order for achievement of the MDGs to be probable, gender equality is essential in this struggle.

Now that, dear readers, is putting the “uh” in “Duh“. Talk about stating the obvious.

Over and over again we have heard that specific interventions to address gender inequality should be an intrinsic part of all MDG investment packages. This is a fine and good thought, to be true, but then again, how can one accomplish that in patrician societies where being a man and enforcing the virility of one’s manhood is paramount.

In Nigeria, this is more than true. The men are still coming to terms with the fact that they’ve got women as bosses, now you’ve got to make them come to facts that they have got to treat women all over as equals? That they can’t make them be at their beck and call wherever and whenever they desire? Good luck.

As a nation we’re slowly getting to that stage in our lives. But still, in order for that to happen, the MDG’s 2015 deadline would be obsolete by then.