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I’ve written before about Kurt and his father’s relationship on Glee, and I feel compelled to write again after this Tuesday’s episode. Their relationship should be held up as a model of how pop culture can depict the challenges of coming out of the closet with honesty.

Kurt’s father has been dating Finn’s mother, and as a result he has been spending a lot of time with Finn. Finn likes sports and girls, two things that Kurt does not. Kurt’s father and Finn start to hang out a lot, and Kurt begins to get incredibly jealous. Kurt feels that his dad does not want to hang out with him because he is gay. In a fit of anger, he belts out the classic “Rose’s Turn” from Gypsy. His dad wanders into the theatre and sees the end of Kurt’s song. He confronts Kurt in a scene that deals with the struggles that both men face in their relationship.

Do I wish that Kurt’s father accepted Kurt’s homosexuality unequivocally, no questions asked? Of course. Is that the reality for many gay youth coming out in America today? No, and our pop culture should reflect the challenges of coming out in America today.

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