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Sorry for the title, but this is the first word I thought of when I heard about "Bridalplasty." Don’t know what bridalplasty is eh? Well, let me tell you- it’s further contributing to the demise of modern television!

Bridalplasty is a new show coming out on the E! network that will help women obtain their hopes of a perfect wedding with the plastic surgery procedure of their choice! YAY!!!! (not really)… This show is APPALING AND DISGRACEFUL. As a recent bride myself, I know the pressures that come with planning a wedding and the scrutiny and questions that come with that day, ranging from….
"who’s doing your makeup?"
"Who’s doing your hair?"
"Where are you getting your dress from?"

And even eliciting such reactions such as…..
my favorite…"You’re not gonna keep your hair LIKE THAT are you??"
and " Are you dieting?"

Ahhh, all so much fun! and to think with all that pressure and cake tasting- you’d want to go under the knife too? Bridalplasty is a sorry excuse for a show and should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY- we have so many bridal shows anyway- we have the dress shows, the flower shows, the most expensive wedding show, and the you’re so poor and you have such bad taste in being able to plan your own wedding show! Who needs to watch and encourage women who probably look perfectly fine (and I bet their future spouses think so too) to compete for the "perfect wedding" face or body or whatever. According to  Hollywood Reporter.com, the show’s description includes; "One by one, the women are voted out by their competitors and, according to the show’s description, "possibly walking away with nothing and losing [their] chance to be the perfect bride." <—— if this is not the biggest load of crap I’ve heard… my friends, I don’t know what is!

Please do not encourage this fiflth of a show- let us not take a loving, blessed, mindblowing, romantic, beautiful and yet, an already perfect day, and turn it into a contest of who can get the best nose job for ONE day…Let’s stop supporting these media antics to make us feel less than we are.

Thanks E!- another GREAT idea!