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(Editor’s Note:  Also check out columnist Jaclyn Friedman’s recent Washington Post article on the Tucker Max controversy.)

Tucker Max comes from a world of white, male, heterosexual privelege… and he writes about it.  He is all about drinking and misogyny… and is coming to a campus near you!  Max ‘s books are called I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First, and I assure you these titles are excellent descriptors of  the stupidity contained within.
When I first heard of Tucker Max this weekend at a feminist retreat, I must say that a small part of me thought that the critique and protesting against him may have been a bit overblown. I thought hey, we live in a culture were misogyny is present in the music we listen to, the television we watch, advertisements for products we buy and even the layout of our stores. I thought, how much damage could one person possibly do in a system that is so obviously screwed up?
I found out that I was very, very wrong. Tucker Max not only has 2 books and a blog that he uses to spread his misogyny, he now also has a film coming out and a college campus tour! Imagine all the young people out there internalizing Max’s self-described "cool", "hypermasculinity" and highly exploitative views of gender and sexual relationships.Its hard to appreciate how screwed up this actually is until you read some of Max’s work. Here are some excerpts from Max’s post about a a recent gig he did in Columbia, South Carolina: 

First from Max himself, introducing his readers to Columbia: 

It doesn’t get much more southern than Columbia, South Carolina. I have to give the place credit though, there so many hot girls there. I haven’t seen that many hot girls with such tits in person in a long time. Well represented, ladies.

You thought that was bad… it gets worse:

(From Gawker.com)
Above: Some ads for "I hope they serve beer in hell." I am going to let those ads speak for themselves.

-The girl who ate a page from the book stood up:

Bill: “This girl is a huge fan, and literally ate a page out of her book to win a free book.”
Tucker: “Is she cute, I can’t see that far back in the theater?”
Bill: “Yea, she’s pretty cute.”
Tucker: “You don’t have to do shit like to get stuff for free. Just knock on the bus door, I’ll give you something for free. You’ll have to pay the price later, but whatever. Abortions are cheap in the south.”

Dude: “So we see an outline of a person, so we’re like “Hey!” and are yelling. No reaction. So we start throwing rocks, and still no reaction.  We hit her in the head twice, and still no reaction. We walk up, and it’s a dead hooker.”
Tucker: “Wait, what?!  What the fuck, this is not a story, it’s a police report.  This is how John Grisham novels start. You threw rocks at a dead hooker?”
Bill: “How’d you know she was a hooker? Did you sleep with her after throwing rocks at her?”
Tucker: “The difference is she charged for it. Normally corpses are free, which is what makes her a dead hooker, and not a dead hook-up.”
Nils: “Do you have to stay 300 yards away from all the women in this theater?”

Are you disgusted yet? If not and joking about objectifiying women, abortions or sexual violence against dead prostitutes are not enough to leave you feeling absolutely soiled and grimey- dont worry! There is plenty more where that came from. His story "Tucker tries buttsex; hilarity does not ensue" is about his intentional manipulation of a 19-year old girl (he was 21 at the time) into anal sex. He tapes the whole thing without her consent and she ends up literally running out of his apartment wrapped up in a sheet crying and screaming… If that occured in another context people may suspect criminal activities such as sexual assault or rape but here it is humor.
What exaclty is so funny about the fact that 1 out of every 4 female college students will be sexually assaulted before graduation? Or how is it hilarious that 10% of women and 2% of men report experiencing sexual violence at some point in their lives according to a CDC study national study? 

I am very disturbed about the fact that Tucker Max’s books have been on the New York Times Bestsellers list for years now. How can people buy his books and support him when the only things the books seem to benefit are Tucker Max’s bank account and the culture of rape and sexual violence so prevalent on college campuses and in the US as a whole.  How are people not able to see beyond this thinly vieled aura of white male herterosexual privelege and power? Max’s dad is a wealthy restaurant owner, he speaks frequently of using his parents money and connections to land women and a stellar education; Tucker Max also just happened to attend the University of Chicago for undergrad and attend law school at Duke University. Why is it that people can not see Tucker Max’s writing for what it really is: the glamourization of recklessness, binge drinking, sexual hedonism and the objectification/exploitation of women?

It may be because like other proponents of the Men’s Rights movement- Max seems to feel that he is some sort of savior empowering men everywhere through fratire. His self-righteousness knows no bounds and he manages to justify his vulgarity because it is an expression of freedom of speech and thought fighting against the oppressive feminist movement against masculinity.  What exaclty is that masculinity that is so opressed and subjugated? Here is Tucker Max’s answer for the Huffington Post:

Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. I definitely like to think of myself as a man, but I do not think that I am the model or definition of manhood that everyone should aspire to. Even though I cannot define manhood, I do know that we will never define it if we cannot discuss it openly and freely, without fear of being castigated or vilified for exploring the boundaries of these issues.

Just like Third Wave feminism arose to enable women to explore and define the different meanings femininity can have to different people, so has fratire spawned from the recesses of the internet to allow men to do the same thing with masculinity. At it’s core, fratire is just that: A literary genre that unapologetically lets men be men…whatever it is that means.

Alas men, have no fear. Tucker Max has come to rescue you from the shackles of feminist opression. He has created a safe place for you to "just be a man" where you can buy his books and overpriced beer pong kit and read the blog entries publicizing his newly released movie. If you do not know how to "just be a man", dont worry, Tucker Max has got you covered. His personal path has involved the kind of deep enlightenment that can only come from coercing women into oral, anal and vaginal sex, binge drinking himself into a Blood Alcohol level of .20, driving while legally intoxicated and of course claiming that fat girls are not real people….

But no seriously. If you or anyone you know is planning on seeing the new Tucker Max movie or already has, please do your best to educate them. Tell them about this sick man and his objective of making obscene amounts of money on the dehumanization,  humiliation and degradation of women (and men) on your campus and everywhere else he can extend his disgusting reach.

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