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I must admit that I was completely and utterly surprised to read this article and hear this awful news about my wonderful alma mater.  Guess it goes to show that every institution has its flaws, but the fact that the college has not delved deeper into investigating Enrique Gaff until now, has truly surprised me.

Gaff was a music professor at the College of Charleston who has always had a great reputation working with students; helping them hone their craft and work on finding a successful career from playing the piano. However, secretly, (or maybe not so much) he has had a nasty habit of interacting inappropriately with male students on more than one occasion. Some articles even say that in some situations, he has provided drugs to some of the students as well.  Even in light of all these allegations, what seems to be a question on everyone’s mind is why nothing has been looked into.  He seems to have just gotten slaps on the wrist, and only now, under more serious circumstances, has he felt the pressure to resign so as to halt all investigations.

This story upsets me greatly because, so often is the focus on making sure female students are protected and making sure that they never fall victim to sexual misconduct;  however, we have seemed to neglect males and the fact that they too, can fall victim to sexual misconduct.  Unfortunately, it seems like their advocates don’t speak as loud.  Thankfully, this man is no longer working on the College of Charleston’s campus, but will actions be taken to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else? One can only hope. Perhaps, this case finally being brought to the forefront will decrease the chances of it happening again.

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