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A lot of people of the transgender community state that they have always realized their true identity even from a young age.  Petula Dvorak’s article supports that by highlighting a young Katherine who identifies with being a male, and thus has decided that she wants to become “Tyler”.  This is very interesting because Tyler appears to have a very supportive and understanding community. Yes, there are skeptics, but the article says that his parents, teachers, and many others support his decision to decide to be a male, which has led to him being a very happy child. You don’t hear about stories like this too often and perhaps it may be a good decision to let a child decide what gender they would like to identify with so as to spare them from feeling the woes of being “trapped in a body that is not theirs”.

So what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you believe that a young child has the RIGHT to determine their own identity in spite of society’s opinion?

For more information on gender identity, please visit www.advocatesforyouth.org.




Categories: Transgender Issues
  • Cornyfied

    I believe it is an amazing thing that he is living in such a supportive community, and it is great that he’s allowed this choice. I believe that, indeed, it can save us from the woes of being “trapped” both physically and socially if we had been allowed the choice of gender as a child. It is also much easier to work around these feelings and create a more natural environment for both the child and parents should the parents choose to allow these changes in the child’s life at a young age.

  • LokiSJack83

    I truly believe that a child should be able to self-determine their own gender. I never had that opportunity. I, personally being transgender, think it should be a personal choice, no matter how old the individual is.. :)