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Some people believe that more than a few American teens have probably fantasized about being with an older person at one point or another.  The idea being that dating an older partner can expose one to more experiences, maturity, understanding, and overall great company.  While there may be some truth to that, the situation  does not always yieldflowers and bon bons. So often what occurs is, the young person is lured in and taken advantage of without them even knowing. Sometimes money is offered or other gifts in exchange for sex and a false proclamation of love. At times, for some teens it is even an ego boost “I must be top notch, if I can attract this older person”, but sometimes you have to look at it from a different perspective.  This older person is attracted to someone who may not have any adult life experience, sometimes still lives with a guardian, and cannot fully support themselves. Dating an older person is not always bad; however just make sure that you understand the cons in addition to the pros when you are considering doing so. For more information on sexual health and sexual relationships, pleasevisit www.facebook.com/sexted.

Categories: Peer Education
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