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Despite the heroic efforts of Wendy Davis and pro-choice supporters in Texas, a sad day occurred in Texas on the July 18th, 2013 when Rick Perry signed a new restrictive, abortion ban into existence which bans abortion at 20 weeks. Another Republican representative immediately followed up this ban with HB 59 legislation that bans abortion after detecting a fetal heartbeat- a law that eerily mirrors Ohio’s version called the Heartbeat Bill.


Though I have written about the restrictive abortion bills that have popped up in recent months and how detrimental they are to women’s health and reproductive freedom as a whole, this instance in particular is quite upsetting to me. It’s upsetting that multitudes of people have shown their support to these restrictive bills, creating even more barriers for the people who are constituents that these representatives are supposed to serve. They pro-choice supporters are blatantly mocked, dismissed and ignored by the representatives and eventually ends with a slap in a face by doing the exact opposite of what people are asking for. Ignoring their constituents at the great price of treating women as second class citizens who do not have the right to make the best decisions for themselves and their families without being treated like common criminals, is seemingly their goal. It’s a disturbing trend that sees no signs of letting up in the near future.


Show your support of abortion rights by visiting www.1in3campaign.org! For information on where to seek abortion services, text SEXT to 74574.