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So. The day has finally come. And gone. Levi Johnston, infamous babydaddy to Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, posed for his much-hyped Playgirl shoot last Thursday. And I have some questions. And none of them are about size.

1) What if the roles were reversed? What if Palin had a son who impregnated his girlfriend? And what if, after the election and the birth, she decided to pose for Playboy. What would we be saying about her? Would she be getting puff pieces in Vanity Fair? Would she be considered a credible source by the Associated Press?

2) If Johnston were a girl, would posing nude be seen as a smart strategic move that would help launch her career as an actor and/or country singer?

3) What if the gender switch happened instead at the candidate level – what if Palin had herself been a man? Would we expect Palin to go on Oprah and lovingly invite Johnston home for Thanksgiving? Our would we expect him to vow revenge against the guy who dared sully his precious daughter?

4) What does it mean that someone who got famous solely because he had unprotected sex is now being sold to us as a sex symbol?

5) Why do so few famous dudes pose nude, and yet so many famous women do? Especially when there’s so much less shame put on men for being sexual. Is it just because men don’t have to be sexual to succeed in the entertainment business, but women do?

6) Since posing nude is obviously a "girl" thing to do, why does it seem to be working out so well for Levi? Is it because he isn’t really quite famous yet, so has little to lose and everything to gain?

7) If Levi had knocked up the daughter of a sex-positive candidate, instead of the queen of abstinence-only education, would the scandal have been greater or lesser? Would we still be talking about him? Would we be seeing him in Playgirl?

8) When the pictures come out in January, are you going to look?

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