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It is with great pleasure that I write that our last event, "Let’s Talk About Sex pt. II" was a resounding sucess and really captured the essense of what our initiative is all about.  Held last week, the event focused on creating and enhancing dialogue amongst college aged students (who may or may not be members of a local Catholic university) to have honest, productive, and sex positive discussions about S E X.  Too often dialouge is cut by oppressive forces at the expense of all others.  The irony, of …

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Along with our Planned Parenthood friends (and condoms that they provided), we handed out 1,000 condoms on the street last Friday in preparation for Valentine’s Day. While the condoms were open to anyone in the community (and lets be honest, word got around), we targeted young people who are at great risk for STD and HIV transference. When working near campuses that are hostile to reproductive education, as we do, we walk a fine and precarious line sometimes that is fraught with uncertainty; but we know that we do …