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Recently, the issue of Chinese Tong Qi (a word means gay wives) becomes media focus after a court proposal has been introduced to the court of Beijing–the capital city of China. This proposal, focused on helping gay wives to divorce with their husbands, described by a major Chinese news agency—will bring “new hope to women who have unwittingly married gay men, prompting vibrant discussions about how to protect the women while upholding gay rights”. With no surprise, it is currently under heated debating, and from my point of view, although it is proposed with good intensions, it may not be as perfect as it claimed to be. However, before I start to discuss some of my own thoughts, I hope the following two news articles will provide more in depth illustrations of the issue.

While the first article named “Gay Marriage Gone Wrong” provides some background knowledge about the Tong Qi phenomenon, the second article named “Proposal to Help Chinese ‘Gay Wives’ Stirs Debate” provides an overview of the debate over the court proposal.



The proposal, although is debatable, is, actually, somewhat encouraging and it illustrates China’s willingness to move forward on its own homosexuality issue. Also, this proposal is a big step in terms of breaking the grey area in Chinese legal system. However, although encouraging, this proposal, in my opinion, should not be the first step in addressing homosexuality in China. Although it may help the gay wives, it will further hurt gay people in China. Given the fact that in China homosexuality was removed from the list of mental health in 2001 and still suffers from grate discrimination, it is also one of the grey areas in Chinese legal system—in China, currently there is no law against homosexuality, however, there is also not much to protect them. As a result, most gay people in China still try hard to hide their sexual orientation. So, if the proposal gets passed and becomes the first step of addressing homosexuality, it will only expose Chinese gay people in the culture environment without protection, which will create more pressure on them and may have a huge impact on their mental health.

So, to sum up, although I do feel happy for my own country, I do want to push it future on addressing homosexuality issues.