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Amplify Featured Videos

1 in 3 Campaign: These Are Our Stories

The 1 in 3 campaign is a grassroots movement to start a new conversation about abortion — telling our stories, on our own terms. Together, we can end the stigma women face each and every day and assure access to basic health care. As we tell our stories and support our family and friends as they come forward with theirs, we begin build a culture of compassion, empathy, and support. No one should be made to feel ashamed or alone. It’s time for us to come out in support of each other and in support of access to legal and safe abortion care in our communities.

Watch more videos on 1in3Campaign.org >>

International Women’s Day 2013

In celebration of International Women and Girls’ Day Advocates’ International youth made videos discussing their thoughts on the 2015 Development Agenda and Women’s Rights in the future. Check out these great videos!

Stories From the Field

These video clips were produced as part of Advocates’ ongoing International Youth Speak Out (iYSO), a project that supports youth-led advocacy to educate U.S. policy makers, decision-makers at the country and regional levels, students, and the media on the importance of adopting and implementing policies that support evidence-based reproductive and sexual health programming for youth globally. Advocates has worked in partnership with the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, Education as a Vaccine in Nigeria, the Talent Youth Association in Ethiopia, and YUWA in Nepal to implement the project by supporting national youth councils in each country. The footage posted here was planned and taken by youth activists who serve on these national youth councils.

Great American Condom Campaign Videos

Check out these great videos featuring GACC safesites from across the US! Click here to find more on the GACC Videos page.




Red Hot+ HIV/AIDS Video Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Red Hot+ HIV/AIDS Video Contest! And a special thank you to all of the talented filmmakers who submitted contest entries — we’re so grateful for your dedication and commitment to starting a new conversation on HIV/AIDS. Click here to visit the contest website.

Winning Entries: PSAs

GRAND PRIZE – Jury (tie)

AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland

Title: Fight HIV…HEAD ON!

Music: “Don’t Fence Me In”

GRAND PRIZE – Jury (tie)

The No Day But Today Project

Title: Be There for Each Other

Music: “Crazy”

GRAND PRIZE – Public Voting

David Elliot Thompson

Title: a.l.p.h.a.

Music: “Cello Song”


Victoria Rivera & Taylor Antisdel

Title: Know Now

Music: “Crazy”

Winning Entries: Short Films


Jisoo Kim

Title: Thembi’s Diary

Music: “Happiness”

GRAND PRIZE – Public Voting

Ricardo Ramos

Title: Know Your Status

Music: “Happiness” and “Ryu-Ki”


Joseph Akwasi

Title: A Walk Through Life

Music: “The Giant of Illinois” /

“Happiness” / “Time Is Moving On” / “Zombie”

Real Lessons from Real Abstinence-Only Programs

Check out Amplify’s video series exploring the ACTUAL content of ACTUAL abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

To date, the United States has wasted more than $1.5 billion on abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, even though study after study has shown these programs to be ineffective. Worse, abstinence-only programs violate young people’s basic rights by intentionally withholding information about condoms and contraception. It’s time to stop funding abstinence-only-until-marriage programs once and for all.

Abstinence-Only Lesson #1: “Drink the Spit”

Abstinence-Only Lesson #2: “Girls Shouldn’t Have Ideas”

Abstinence-Only Lesson #3: “Rainbow Bear’s Wedding”

Abstinence-Only Lesson #4: “Boys Are Like Microwaves”

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