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Ben & Jerry's Apple-y Ever After

…Only a small wedge of the pie.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to be able to get married and reap the benefits, BUT, when we the LGBT(QIA) Movement proclaims we are  striving for inclusively, we miss the mark.  I would like us to step back and have a more genuine approach than marriage “equality”which is more like “marriage homogeny”.  Here are just a few family types that do not receive marriage benefits because they do not fit the current marriage mold: blended families, …

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In 2011, youth ages 13 through 14 accounted for 23% of new HIV cases in North Carolina.   Alarmingly, the cohort with the highest percentage of new HIV cases in 2011 was among ages 20 through 24 who accounted for 17% of the new HIV cases.  The next highest affected cohort was among ages 25 through 29 coming in at 14% of the new HIV cases.  Despite the drop in new HIV cases across the different age cohorts between 2010 and 2011, the age range 20 through 24 still accounted …

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Here is the ebook!


Click on the link to see the images in full!…

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Yellow Face and Orientalism in the Media: Controlling What it Means to be Asian

[Inspired by a fellow Amplify contributor, Karachi, and her post on Blackface, Slurs and Appropriation]

Yellow Face isn’t just the mere inauthenticity and a failure of aesthetics of white people dressing up, wearing make up, trying to be Asian, and/or playing the roles of Asians.  No, it’s definitely more insidious and problematic than that.  It is systematic racism and discrimination, refusing to hire Asians or forcing them to play as villains, or when …

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When engaging in consensual sex, choosing to use condoms can aid in preventing pregnancy, assisting in preventing the of spread sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs), and adding a little bit of flavor to any sexual rendezvous.

In fact,  according the Center for Disease Control (CDC, 2012), when worn properly and consistently, male condoms are highly effective in the prevention of pregnancy and spreading of STDs/STIs, for example HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

Condoms are for one time use only.  Trojan Condoms recommends you:

Dispose of a used